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World Nomad Games 2016

History of a nomadic civilization is an era with length of almost three millennia which foundation was laid by Scythians in the 8th century BC. From coast of the Pacific Ocean to the Eurasian tundra and the Carpathians, lands of Huns and Germans in Europe; mountains, steppes and deserts of the Central, East Asia and the Middle East - here it is the existential world and an area of a civilization of nomads. 

The image of a nomad personifies greatness of eternally snow tops of mountains, light of the sky, and purity of a mountain spring and freshness of morning dew. It is the glance darted over the horizon line.

The image of a nomad is a bronze cheekbone ancestor whose face is whipped by wind, rain and prickly snow. It is resilience over which neither time nor distance is imperious. It is a look with a squint of a leopard ready for a jump.

In harmony with the nature, the sun and the sky the nomadic civilization had created unique culture part of which were games and single combats, competitions and shows demonstrating physical perfection and strength of mind of nomads. These games cultivated courage and firmness, learned to endure an instant, the name to which was the pleasure and a celebration of a victory, learned to endure eternity of sleepless nights. History and culture of games had passed through centuries and reached descendants of nomads.

Chyngyz Aitmatov, the genius of the present, the neonomad said the following words about cultural heritage of nomads: “Let be blessed wise ancestors who left us these games…”

 The words of the great son of the Kyrgyz people were an incitement to think seriously about what we will pass on to our descendants, what traditions will sink into oblivion and which ones to live and pass from generation to generation?

 The 20th century presented to mankind a phenomenon of the Olympic Games, but the world is changing, society, its needs and goals are changing as well.

The XXI century is a century of globalization; therefore preservation of cultural heritage of mankind became the challenge to our time. Being integrated into the world system, we unfortunately began to lose the cultural and historical identity, the civilization identity, and that spirit of a nomad which always distinguished his contemporaries.

     And then there came the idea of carrying out the Games of Nomads where it would be possible to demonstrate visually an image of nomads, their culture, customs and traditions, their way of life.

We have accepted this challenge and we give to mankind the games of XXI century - the World Games of Nomads initiated by President of the Kyrgyz Republic Atambayev Almazbek Sharshenovich. 

In 2012 the Declaration where heads of Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Turkey and Kyrgyzstan decided to hold the first in the history “The World Games of Nomads” was signed at the summit in the capital of Kyrgyzstan – Bishkek.

The forum “World Games of Nomads" took place in January, 2014, where the resolution on carrying out the Games was signed.

The Games became absolutely a new format of sports competitions on ethnic sports which hadn’t been presented at any large sporting events before.

The initiative to announce the nomadic culture is very timely. It marked the beginning of the Renaissance of the nomadic civilization, demonstrating progress, so inherent to the spirit of nomadism.

Well, we have no big monuments of architecture, but we have memory, storing legends of heroism of our ancestors, beautiful customs, ancient legends and nomadic art.

 The first World Games of Nomads took place from September, 9 to September, 14, 2014 in the Kyrgyz Republic on the shore of the known pearl of the world - Lake Issyk- Kul and mountain dzhaloo Kyrchyn. Athletes from 19 countries of all continents of the planet took part in the Games.

The idea of the World Games of Nomads includes the ethnosports, ethnocultural and scientific directions.

The ethnosports program shows physical perfection of the person, the art of possession of a body embodied in motive images.

 The ethnocultural program is urged to show heritage of a nomadic civilization through art and creativity, the embodiment in "images".

 The scientific program is directed to the research of heritage of a nomadic civilization, and prospects of development of ethnoculture in modern conditions.

 Synthesis of all three directions shows harmony of a nomadic civilization, nomadic society and the identity of the nomad.

 Within the first World Games of Nomads  the following games of member countries of ethnocompetitions were presented: the zorkhana played by the athletes from Azerbaijan; dzhirit and  other types of wrestling brought by the Turkish participants; теккен, shown by the masters from South Korea.

 The World Games of Nomads were broadcast for 40 countries of the world, with coverage of audience of 230 million people. 

 The Games of Nomads were lightened by 250 journalists and operators of the leading mass media of the world.

The World Games of Nomads-2016

The World Games of Nomads-2016 will take place on September 3-8 again on the shore of the amazing Lake Issyk- Kul which the explorers of space call "a blue eye of   Earth".

The World Games of Nomads - 2016 is a project of the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic and the World Confederation of Ethnosports

The World Games of Nomads are a unique opportunity to learn century traditions of nomads, to see the unique nature combining the microclimate of heavenly mountains and the pearl lake.

To "The World Games of Nomads - 2016" the following guests are invited:

• heads of states of member countries of the Games;

• more than 2000 athletes from 40 countries of the world will take part in competitions;

• games will be lightened  with mass media of more than 60 countries of the world with a possibility of the broadcasting on audience covering more than one billion people.

 The program of the World Games of Nomads includes:

• sports competitions in 25 types of ethnosports;

• the Nomad's Universe festival; 

• scientific conference "Civilization of nomads: sources, heritage, present";

• a separate format will present the games of people of the world.

The audience of this large-scale event will adjoin alive to the amazing world of ethnoculture. They will be shown the games and national entertainments of people of the world in which the audience will also be able to take part.

Ethnocultural program "The Universe of a Nomad". 

Intriguing and truly spectacular will be the opening ceremony of the Games. More than a billion people in the world will be able to feel and get into the spirit of nomads, their force and beauty.

The Universe of a Nomad festival will present the grandiose cultural program with ethnodances,  ethnofashion, ethnoexpo, ethnohits, and at nightly concerts the national melodies played on musical instruments will sound.

 In the program of the Games the exhibition sale will be arranged with the demonstration of achievements of applied art of master handymen from the different countries of the world who will present products from skin, felt, metal and other materials. Showrooms will be located in modern boutiques and expand acknowledgment of visitors of the event about culture of nomads. On the finest dzhayloo Kyrchyn covered with a rich velvet of herbs and colorized with a scattering of flowers games of people of the world will be shown.

The etnotown of 300 yurtas with the” Khan Ordo”  and  “Manas Ordo” complexes built on a boundless dzhayloo will be a real discovery of a holiday.

    The audience and participants of the project will be given an opportunity to taste dishes of ethnocookery of nomads "Daam tatuu". Who doesn't want to taste ancient dishes and drinks of nomads made from natural products and on clear transparent mountain water which aroma and a variety won't be resisted even by true gourmets.   

    Songs of akyns- improvisators of contestants of "Aytysh", voice of storytellers of world eposes, Yakut "Olonkho", eposes of Altaians will sound all over Kyrchyn.

     In the light days and in the starlit nights majestic mountains, the century woods together with the audience and participants of the Games will listen to the oral chronicle of the Kyrgyz people, a masterpiece of epic art of "Manas". "Manas" will continually be told within seven days and seven nights.

Scientific and practical conference "Civilization of nomads: sources, heritage, present".

       The World Games of Nomads have become a phenomenon of XXI century, having created a new brand and having presented to the world absolutely new format of competitions and games. The idea of revival of a nomadic civilization has become one of the most discussed subjects in scientific community, the object of attention of culturologists, historians, archeologists, numismatists, anthropologists, geographers and philosophers. Wide interest in ethnoculture problems in scientific aspect, research of the perspective directions of development of ethnosports, its functioning as welfare phenomenon at the international level became a push to carrying out a scientific and practical conference "A civilization of nomads: sources, heritage, present". The most topical issues concerning a civilization of nomads, their past, the present and the future will be discussed at the conference.

 The Games will revive traditions, customs of nomads, will lift the whole layers of the cultural features of the nomadic world which haven’t been studied hitherto. Expediency of the scientific program is defined also by the fact that the  Games form a constant "platform" for research of phenomena of ethnosports and ethnoculture where the art and force, creativity and skill passing from century to century, but kept historical roots have harmoniously connected.


The first in the history "The World Ethno Games"

The World Сonfederation of  Ethnosports plans to carry out the first in the history "The World Ethno Games" in Turkey in 2018.

There are more than 10 thousand national sports in the world.

The sports created by the people for centuries accompany people’s everyday life; develop special features of the mentality of the people and important personal qualities. The national sports which have become an integral part of cultural property of one country tell about ethnos and identity of its people. Thus, the presented on the international arena national sports of one country are moving into the category of ethnic sport.

There is no single ethnic sports event in the world that combines entertainment and popular national sports of different nations of the world.

The World Ethno Games will become not only the most spectacular event of the century where greatness of  a nomad, his power of the spirit and splendor of art unbroken for centuries will reveal to the world.

The World Ethno Games are a new area for a powerful development of the culture of different ethnic groups and countries, based on an important economic factor - low cost, but high investment returns.

 The World Ethno Games is the new challenge to our time!

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